He thought of himself as being charming enough.

He is a man of letters.

I prefer that it remains that way.

Take your time. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

"Do you like strawberries?" "Sure. I love them."

Thanks, but I'm not interested.

Did that hotel meet your expectations?

How did Justin do that?

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She put posters all over the city.


Werner doesn't use salt in her cooking.

We were supposed to go together.

He who flatters you to your face, bites you behind your back.

My hobby is weight lifting.

He has an estate in the country.

He's doing very well today.

You must get up a little earlier.

Malaclypse tried to say something, but Urs interrupted him.

I can't believe I said such horrible things to you.

We'll make the summit of the hill by noon.

We had already walked five minutes when were caught in a shower.


I can't blame Carisa for hating me.

I said good night.

We're avid RVers.

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Dan bailed Matt and Linda out.

The chair stands next to the door.

The Van Horn family was in the chips.

I couldn't stand any more.

She enjoyed herself at the concert.


I'm sure you never told me not to do this.

She would by no means tell a lie.

That's an incredible story.


Don't leave the bicycle in the rain.

I can watch TV all day without getting bored.

It took me half an hour to work out this problem.

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Don't give away all your secrets.

I know about that.

What do you care what I do?

The pencil is black.

In Japan almost all roads are single lane.


That had not occurred to him before.


He was out of breath. He had been running.

What happened that night?

Jaime rarely speaks French.


The president was quoted as saying he would like to visit Japan soon.

I am willing to take your offer.

Raj didn't do what he said he would do.

Ernest spends too much time playing games.

I didn't know Ed was good at swimming.

Older women give birth later.

I'm the youngest child in the family.


Asahara thinks himself a savior.


The work of art that says something confronts us itself. That is, it expresses something in such a way that what is said is like a discovery, a disclosure of something previously concealed.

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Taro weighs no less than 70 kilograms.

Find out what Raman is doing here.

Is my hat on straight?


I'm the one who gave Joni that.

Believe anything you want.

He knows no English.

In India, you can found many saints in the Himalayan region who can be called as prescient.

My favourite show is "Desperate Housewives".


I wanted to be a piano teacher.

The fire consumed the whole house.

Are you saying there's still a chance?


The wind has fallen.


Irfan arrived in the nick of time.

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Heidi is a woman of dubious virtue.

Vickie handed the contract to Lloyd.

Put on your coat lest you should catch the cold.

He walked off with my book.

We look great together.

How can you not know?

I knew you'd come after me.

Sundar's stoned.

I will not go to school tomorrow.

Please put some candles on the birthday cake.

Do you think Pradeep's telling the truth?

If it is free, please send me a copy.

It's useless in this condition.

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I love them both.

He taught me how the machine operated.

Kate was the first guy I ever kissed 10 years ago.


Don't speak to him while he is driving.

I love this show.

They did not want to support him on this issue.


When I woke up today, I yawned, stretched, rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, and put on a pair of slippers.


Drop in and see us when you're next in Tokyo.

I'm not judging you.

I don't want to tell him that.


You have made only a few spelling mistakes.

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He won't let anybody sit in his armchair.

Could you recommend a nice restaurant near here?

I know how to distinguish the good from the bad.

I'm very glad to finally meet you.

Since I'm off duty today, let's go to the coast.

They lost the war on the eastern front.

Here comes our teacher.


What did you think of the concert?

He was an athlete in high school.

The competition has become fierce.

I don't see her a whole lot.

What interests me greatly is astronomy.


You said you'd help.


That's actually a really good idea.

Da Vinci could see farther than others.

Why are you going there?

Nobody called.

Moses's birthday is today.

They really seem to dislike spinach.

Energy comes from inside.

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Why are you defending her?

What'll we do next?

What happened this time?

You should've asked him first.

I hate it when things like this happen.


The author leaves Luggnagg and sails to Japan. From thence he returns in a Dutch Ship to Amsterdam, and from Amsterdam to England.

You don't act like you want to be here.

I decided to stop trying to convince Anne to do anything.

Dad often works late, and Mom complains a lot.

"How did you come to speak French so well?" - "Well, I am French."

He spoke about the unpleasant story for two hours.

The coach is leaving soon.

Varda placed a cushion on the floor and sat on the cushion.

I'll take my dog out for a walk.


It'll take a long time for me to finish this.

Kate has recently been learning how to sing a lot of new songs.

I'm meeting her next Monday.

I can't make ends meet now.

Do your own work.


He believes himself to be courageous.

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But the rise in prices is a consequence of that policy.


Formal dress must be worn.

He shot many lions, elephants, and other animals.

I am English in that I eat biscuits.

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I've never actually been there, but I know where you're talking about.

This is so much fun.

It's the best film of the year.


Page promised Hillary he'd come home early.

Ken's talks always appeal to us.

Sir can't work tomorrow.

I don't want to hurt her.

I keep a dog.

We should respect the old.

I don't want to do this with you.


I wish we could ask her.

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Dawn's dew evaporates in the mild sunbeams.

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Why did you challenge him?

What do you think about eating out tonight?

The problem is huge.


Karl hasn't got many photos of himself as a baby.

I'm not good at math, so I can't solve this question.

It'd be great if you could pick up some bread before you come home.

We ran out of gas in the middle of the intersection.

I think Chris is too aggressive.

Gas has been found below the sea.

I want to buy a really good smoke detector.

The guys in my department are so nice.

She is likely to come.

I went straight to bed.

Would you really want to do that?


I want you to do me one last favor.